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Hi, I'm SORA, the Swiss Oracle User Community mascot!


It's great to have a chance to meet the local #datacommunity again! 💬
Have a great #datacomconf2022!
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⏳️Only a few more hours until the 9th edition of #TechPubQuiz starts!🎲🃏

📅 If you haven't RSVP'd yet - here you go:

If you have a question for the next quiz, submit it under
#OracleBeerBern #SwissOUC
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🎲🃏 Two weeks until #TechPubQuiz is happening again! 🗓

Have some snacks and drinks ready and join us!

➡️ RSVP now!

#OracleBeerBern #SwissOUC
💬 To honour #JoelKallmanDay, @JulianFreyCH wrote a short history about the #OracleBeerBern #TechPubQuiz - explaining how it all started! 🃏🎲

Go check it out! 📰🔽