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Closing our afternoon we have @amitzil talking about how to create order in the Oracle database patching chaos.
It just started, still time to join us: https://t.co/V6Hf8b31bK

This ends the sessions we are hosting.
Check the coming days of #OGBEMEA at https://t.co/FFLHhnWmf4 https://t.co/2phfC7kuUD
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Second to last session for our afternoon of #OGBEMEA hosted by #SwissOUC is with @mjgangler presenting about "Managing DBA Applications With APEX".
And it starts with some philosophy that apply to many projects.

Still time to join us https://t.co/V6Hf8bkC3i https://t.co/NijXyXMHIa
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Do you ever ask yourself what a DBA should know about the Oracle REST API?
@JulianFreyCH is answering that question right now on the #OGBEMEA second afternoon hosted by #SwissOUC.

Join now, and there are 2 more sessions after this one.

@OracleREST https://t.co/giOt5uzach
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Second session of today is @MikeDietrichDE and @dohdatabase talking about upgrades and migrations new features with 21c.

This is part of the #OGBEMEA virtual tour second afternoon hosted by #SwissOUC.

Still not too late, join us online: https://t.co/V6Hf8b31bK https://t.co/DItr1zqgiG
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The second afternoon of #OGBEMEA hosted by #SwissOUC started!

@phsalvisberg is delivering a great session full of super heroes

You can still join us, go on https://t.co/V6Hf8b31bK and click the "register" button! https://t.co/S5j8Zjdg5r
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