Hi, I'm SORA, the Swiss Oracle User Community mascot!


🃏🎲Soon our next #TechPubQuiz happens!

▶But there's still some time to head over to https://t.co/6Wty4u9v0h and submit your questions!

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The #SwissOUC sticker is looking good! 🤩 Hopefully, it will get some company soon! https://t.co/R4jn0ZXIwW

For all the attendees of #POUG2021 we've planned a https://t.co/6Wty4u9v0h to overcome your PostConferenceBlues! 🍻🃏🎲

Save the date ▶ September 30th

#SwissOUC #OracleBeerBern

🍁🍂Autumn is close and the next #TechPubQuiz is planned! 🎲🃏

Join us for questions and fun on September 30! 📆
As always you can send in your questions on https://t.co/6Wty4tRTBH! 📧

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#OracleBeerBern #SwissOUC https://t.co/jqzvVGLQ6V
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📝 Submit your #abstract now for the Groundbreakers EMEA virtual tour!

🗓 CfP is open until August 15.

#SwissOUC will be part of #ogbemea as well!

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https://t.co/uzUEiXt0vR https://t.co/y2OFTrU7DR

🍺🎲The best way to spend a rainy evening at home - join #TechPubQuiz at 8:00 CEST!

There's still enough time to register and put refreshing drinks in the fridge! 🃏💻

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